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Accused Of Health Care Fraud Anywhere In The U.S.A.?

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If you are a medical professional or operate a business that bills a health insurance carrier, including Medicare and Medicaid, and have been approached by federal investigators, you are likely under investigation for fraud. Don’t turn over any billing information or records — you need legal help right away.

Federal Criminal Defense Litigation For Clients Throughout The Nation

I am federal criminal defense lawyer Phillip A. Turner. Federal investigators are not asking you questions because they want to clear your name. They are after a conviction and will stop at nothing to provide the prosecutor any information they can find.

There is a national perception that health insurance programs are bilked out of millions of dollars by fraudulent health care providers and nursing homes every year. Federal prosecutor are out to make an example of any billing agency they can find.

As a former federal investigator, I know how prosecutors prepare their cases involving health care fraud. I have extensive experience fighting to protect people from trumped-up federal fraud charges. I provide aggressive, effective representation to help you avoid a conviction.

It used to be that insurance companies would settle on suing health care providers to seek restitution of the money they lost. Now they treat their losses as a federal felony fraud offense. Federal prosecutors will employ every resource to put people in prison.

From my offices in Chicago, I represent clients in federal district courts throughout Illinois and the United States. Call my office at 312-899-0009 or contact me by email to arrange an initial consultation with an experienced Chicago health care fraud attorney immediately. I am available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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Federal cases involving health care fraud require extensive investigation and understanding of specific federal statutes. In many cases of billing fraud, prosecutors tack on mail and wire fraud charges to cover their bases in case they don’t have enough evidence. Any use of the U.S. mail or Internet — including email — related to the charges can be prosecuted as a federal felony. Very few criminal defense lawyers have the experience and knowledge needed to provide effective defense.

If you are facing federal mail fraud charges, make sure you check out the experience, credentials and case results of the attorneys you consider before making your decision.

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If you are facing federal Medicare or Medicaid fraud charges, call me at 312-899-0009 right away.

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