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Skillful Defense For Those Charged With Internet Fraud

Internet fraud takes a variety of forms, including credit card, identity theft and internet scams. Have you been charged with a crime because of allegations of a fraudulent online investment scheme? Did someone file a criminal complaint against you over an allegedly fraudulent “wire funds to purchase something” arrangement through a Craigslist advertisement?

If you have been accused of a crime such as these, you should consult with a lawyer as soon as possible. Even if charges have not been filed yet, it is critical for you to know your rights and how to protect them. Take steps now for the sake of your freedom and your future.

Federal Internet Fraud Defense Litigation For Clients Nationwide

I am criminal defense attorney Phillip A. Turner and I welcome your request for a case evaluation. From law offices in Chicago, I have been defending clients throughout Illinois and nationwide. I welcome inquiries from international clients, too. The internet knows few borders.

I handle a full array of federal crime cases. My 30 years of experience have given me in-depth knowledge of federal courts. I understand prosecutors’ strategies and judges’ priorities. I know how important it is to gather the right kinds of evidence to defend my clients charged with internet fraud. A computer forensics specialist may need to serve as an expert witness, for example.

Whatever your case requires, I am prepared to work hard on your behalf in pursuit of the best outcome attainable. I have both the skills and the drive to do what it takes to bring each client through a difficult legal situation with confidence.

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Do not waste time or “wait to see what happens” if you have been accused, charged or arrested. If you are under investigation on suspicion of internet fraud or any type of fraud, I can advise you in your best interests. Call me at 312-899-0009 right away.

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