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Federal criminal law is a unique and complex area of law. Most criminal defense lawyers are not familiar with the federal criminal procedures, standards for discovery and motions and federal laws regarding the sentencing phase of the process.

I am attorney Phillip A. Turner. I rely on more than 30 years of federal criminal defense experience when representing my clients. From my offices in Chicago, I represent clients in federal district courts throughout Illinois and the United States. Call my office or contact me by email to arrange an initial consultation with an experienced Chicago federal criminal defense lawyer immediately. I am available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

When To Hire A Lawyer — Before You Say A Word To The Police Or Prosecutor!

The minute you get an inkling that you are under investigation for a connection to a federal offense, call me. Do not wait to see what will happen next. Believe this: They are not investigating you to prove your innocence. Federal investigators and prosecutors care only about convicting you for a crime against the people of the United States. Do not rely on them to protect your rights. Let me start helping you before you say anything that puts you into a hole that may be impossible to climb out of.

Allow me to build a strong defense for you.

You Can’t Afford The High Cost Of An
Inexperienced Lawyer’s Learning Curve

Because federal cases are significantly more complicated than state cases, many criminal law attorneys simply lack the experience to be effective advocates for their clients. I recommend that anyone searching for a criminal defense attorney checks out experience, credentials and case results before making their decision.

In order to effectively defend federal criminal cases, an attorney must be able to understand and navigate the various federal statutes that pertain to each case. I understand the intricacies of federal criminal law and have firsthand experience analyzing documents, financial transactions, bank records and other highly complex information.

While serving as an assistant U.S. attorney, I gained valuable insight into the strategies and tactics used by federal prosecutors. This puts me in the best position to defend you in federal court, from the initial investigation through the final resolution. I bring my experience to bear when investigating, preparing evidence, presenting motions and aggressively protecting your rights throughout your case.

I represent people charged with any type of federal crime in any federal court jurisdiction in the United States, such as:


IRS Tax Offenses

Securities Offenses

Bribery And Anti-Trust

Narcotics Offenses

  • Interstate and international drug trafficking

  • Conspiracy charges

  • Money laundering and Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) offenses

  • Unlicensed Internet pharmacy and drug sales

ATF And Homeland Security Violations

  • Weapons, guns and explosives charges

  • Terrorist threats